April 23, 2015

The Children Return By Martian Walker

Book Title: The Children Return: A Bruno, Chief of Police Novel
Author: Martian Walker
Publisher: Knopf
Series: Bruno, Chief of Police #7
Genres: Mystery, Crime/ Detective, Fiction, France
Publish Date: April 28, 2015
Disclaimer: Received from Edelweiss For Review
Description: The Dordogne's favorite chief of police is back in a heart-poundingly suspenseful case that finds his small town innocently targeted by a global terrorism network.

When an agent tracking domestic jihadists is found murdered near St. Denis, it's troubling enough for Bruno's beloved village. But when Sami--an autistic Muslim youth raised locally but thought lost to Islamic extremism in Afghanistan--comes home, things get far more complicated: abducted and exploited for his technological genius, Sami has used that same talent to gather a trove of al-Qaeda intel. Now the same jihadists who killed the agent aim to silence Sami, and as an international tribunal descends to process Sami's case, Bruno must scramble to track the terrorists down before they exact their own justice. Meanwhile, Bruno's juggling the affections of a sometime lover and the mixed, alluring signals of one of the high-ranking U.S. intelligence officers on Sami's case. Add to that a member of the tribunal with dangerous skeletons in his closet, and a high-profile Jewish philanthropist whose presence in St. Denis seems to be attracting attention from the jihadists. It's almost enough to make Bruno miss out on the village's wine harvest supper.

I enjoyed this like no other mystery book. The main character Bruno, was someone I would enjoy reading more about. He seem content to help his town. This book could be read different ways as of a mystery, love story, adventure, or even a little of a guide about Muslim or even about a town.

It depends on how you would enjoy reading this book. To me it was more fun to read it as a Mystery. I feel like i was discovering along with Bruno. We also find out about Sami and how he got where he ended up. I really enjoyed read and learning a little more about France. We got about 3 story lines going on with this book.
It a sweet story about a family love for their son. It can even be a about a love story about Bruno and what going on with his community. If your children or child enjoy adventure and some action then this book is worth it. You even get to feel like a detective and try and solve and save lives. That will be up to you and decide how you like your book.


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