June 6, 2018

Book Tour: The Dan Diaries W/ Giveaway

Book Title: The Dan Diaries
Author: D.D. Marx
Genres: Chick Lit
Series: Beyond Series #4
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Publishing Group
Publish Date: 2018-04-06 (200 Pages, e-book)
Disclaimer: I received this book though +IReadBookTours, for an honesty review. I also enjoy the Beyond Trilogy books.
Description: Dan Sullivan was the best friend of Olivia Henry when his life was taken in a tragic car accident. Shocked to be on the other side, Dan navigates his way by learning his new role in eternal life. His first assignment is as Olivia’s guardian angel. He has the crucial role of guiding her to her pre-defined destiny. Dan’s death throws Olivia into a tail-spin which causes her to veer way off course. He understands the enormity of the challenge when he hears the mechanism by which he can communicate. He’s only allowed to use signs and symbols to get her attention and cannot interfere with her free-will.
Every time he thinks he’s close, something throws her off track. He’s forced to start over by convincing her to trust in their enduring, unbreakable bond. Olivia can feel Dan’s presence but is still reluctant to believe the messages he’s sending. She is fearful of falling in love again at the risk of losing another soulmate. Can Dan persuade her to trust in his love from afar so she can finally receive the happiness she truly deserves? ​

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In The Dan Diaries we get to see Dan’s POV. It in point of view that we see how it is for him and his friend Frank. It mostly the journey of Dan and how he helps his loves one and including Hank.

It starts out with Dan and transition. What he needs to do and help the main man up head and what need to direct one person path to her destiny. Will Dan succeed or will he not? To me this is more a summary of the 3 books that are before this one. It goes over summary of some of the big events that Hank has to deal with and Dan having to convince Hank (Olivia Henry).

Frank is a part of this, with Dan is it mostly about Dan and though his point of view. If you have not read the Beyond Trilogy. This is only the summary of it. This really concludes the series and helps define some of the holes or to see Dan and his view point. If you want the story and details of Olivia and Finn story, you will need to read Beyond Trilogy - books, Beyond Believing, Beyond Love, Beyond Forever.

The author does a really good job of this. She really show the Dan’s life in the afterlife and his point of view well.

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D.D. Marx
Meet the Author:

D.D. Marx is a contemporary romantic fiction writer and blogger. Marx is a graduate of the University of Dayton, as well as the Second City program in Chicago, where she currently resides. A proud aunt and self-described hopeless romantic, Marx has always had a knack for humorous and engaging storytelling. Her pen name is a dedication to her beloved friend Dan, who continues to guide and inspire her in her daily life.

Connect with the Author:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Pinterest 


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