December 12, 2019

Book Review: Claudette's Miraculous Motown Adventure

Book Title: Claudette's Miraculous Motown Adventure
Author: Claudette Robinson, A.K. Morris
Publisher: Heavenly Enterprises Midwest, Limited
Publisher Date: September 19, 2019 (42 Pages, Paperback
Genre: Children, Children Literature, Music, Adventure
Little Claudette lives in the magic kingdom of Motown, where all the happy children sing and dance in the streets. Then one day, an angry witch casts a spell, and the kingdom descends into dark silence. Unhappy and bored, Claudette finds a box of Miracles in her attic. Inside are four little fellows—Smokey, Bobby, Ronnie, and Pete—who sing music so sweet. Claudette and the Miracles begin to sing together, but will it be enough to bring light and laughter back to the kingdom of Motown?
Discliamer: I received this book free from the publicist of Smith Publicity Inc for an honesty review. My opinions are my own.
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Are you looking for a fun book about music? Well, Claudette Miraculous Mototown Adventure is a good one. You will be able to read to your children. They can learn a little bit about the Miracles and their first lady of Motown.

This is about a girl who needs to help save the day. Will Claudette be able to save the town of Motown? The way this is done is sweet. The story plot is easy to understand. It shows that even when all things are dark and gloomy. There might still be hope to bring back the happiness and cheer to Motown.

The pictures are done well. Kids can look at the pictures. The pictures tell the story. There is rhyming in the book. The book can teach young readers to read. Though they may need help with some of the words depending on their reading level.

The book as music throughout the book. You will learn some things about the band and group “The Miracles.” The author wants to preserve the music history of this band or time. In doing so she decided to write this book so that it fun and enjoyable.

As an original member of The Miracles, the first act to sign with Berry Gordy’s Tamla/Motown Records, Claudette Robinson was also the iconic label’s very first female artist. In 1960, The Miracles’ “Shop Around” became Tamla/Motown’s first million-seller, prompting Mr. Gordy to bestow a special official title on Claudette: “The First Lady of Motown.”

Born Claudette Annette Rogers in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was bright and adventurous. At a very young age she embraced her grandmother’s Christian values and service to her church when she sang in the choir.

Claudette’s family relocated to Detroit, Michigan where she excelled academically with honors and graduated from Commerce High School at the young age of 15. At age 16, she attended Wayne State University through her sophomore year of college, before joining the United States Marine Corps Reserves, where she was a member of the Rifle Team with accomplished sharpshooter status.

Claudette always had a love for music, and in her free time, she sang with several female groups and performed in local talent shows in the Detroit area. While her brother Emerson “Sonny” Rogers was away serving in the Army, his Matadors groupmate was William “Smokey” Robinson. Claudette was a member of their sister group, the Matadorettes. As fate would have it, they met Motown founder Berry Gordy in 1957. A friendship and partnership was created that has thrived for more than 60 years.

Claudette and her groupmates William “Smokey” Robinson, Warren “Pete” Moore, Ronald “Ronnie” White, and Robert “Bobby” Rogers became The Miracles. Their first Tamla single, “Got A Job,” was released on February 19, 1958.

During The Miracles’ six-decade career, the group has sold more than 60 million records to date. Four Miracles hits -- “The Tracks of My Tears,” “Ooo Baby Baby,” “Shop Around,” and “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”-- have been selected by the National Recording Preservation Board for the United States Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry, which honors and preserves culturally, historically and aesthetically significant American recordings. These same four Miracles songs have also been inducted into the GRAMMY® Hall of Fame, honoring recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.

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