December 28, 2019

20 Best Books of a Decade (2010-2019)

This Year I decided to do the Best of the Decade list. Which would be books of 2010 to 2019. That means most are on my blog that reviewed. But years 2010 and 2011 are books before I stated my review blog. I was reading before that and some really good ones at that.

I will use my 5 stars rating as my guide to choose my books for this. If I have not 5 stars rating I will use my highest rating for it.



The Fakersville Power Station by Patrick H.T. Doyle - It a story about a grandfather and his grandchildren as they search for him to haunt a house. They solve mystery and puzzles.

The Flint Island Treehouse by Patrick H.T. Doyle - It a story about a grandfather and his grandchildren as they search for him to haunt a house. They solve mystery and puzzles.


Going Home by Wanda E. Brunstetter - I read this before having a blog. I really can not tell you what it about much. I know it a woman that comes home though.

An Amish Christmas by Various authors, It got a review. What it about I can not recall much accept it does dealt with Christmas and families.


Wait... Wait for Thunder by Buck Jones was a really good book. It was one of my favorite for that year. I was only just starting out my book review blog. This book was a book tour for me as well.

Fearless by Eric Blehm was really well written. My favorite and still is. I have not come across a book like this one since.



The Last Summer of Ordinary Times by Deborah A. Jaeger. It about a the coming of Jesus or the second coming. Jesus Son. It really is good and written well.

Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden. It is about Chicago Fire. I loved reading more about the history that happened.


Thief of Glory by Sigmund Brouwer is about a young family that is taken into contraction camp. It about the Nazi and WW2 under Germany and Jews.

Death Never Sleeps by E.J. Simon is about what artificial intelligent and that maybe life after death. It Science fiction and a thriller. It got terrorist plots and drama though out.


Vostok by Steve Alten is about a water world that may not be real. It a science Fiction. It about a world that may not be.

Submarines, Secrets and A Daring Rescue by Robert J. Skead is good for children to learn about history. It tale about history and how the USA became to win against the Japaneses.


Killer in the Band by Lauren Carr is a mystery. I really like her books. You will be forever guessing who the bad guy is until the end.

Mistletoe at Moonglow by Deborah Garner is a seasonal lovely story. It Christmas story and perfect of the seasonal holiday.


The Christmas Gate by T.A. Cline is a sweet story. It reminds me of the Christmas Carol only though candles and secret of it.

The Ghost of Mavis by Mary Lynn Plaisnce is a good ghost story. I really do enjoy her books as well. It fun to read and find out how she is to do to get into heaven.


The Shape Shifter's Wife by Carolyn Radmanovich is about Native Americans and slavery, If I recall correctly.

The Celebration by Wanda E. Brunstetter is about coming together and cooking.


Great and Small Prayers for Babies by BH Kids is good for little ones. It prayers for your little baby.

Over the River and Though the Woods by Various authors. It got short stories and poems. It for Thanksgiving though Christmas.

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