December 4, 2019

Book Review: The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting by Randall Goodgame

Book Title: The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting
Author: Randall Goodgame
Publisher: B Kids
Publisher Date: 2019-10-15 (32 Pages, Hardcover
Genres: Children, Christian, Animals,
Even when Slugs & Bugs music isn’t playing, old and new friends of the brand can now enjoy its witty world and biblical wisdom. The SOERS are favorite characters from the Slugs & Bugs songs, and these new picture books explore their world and their fun message about giving.

Young Maggie and Morty are the newest recruits to the SOERS, and they’ve given up their previous thieving ways. But when Maggie starts boasting that her newfound generosity is better than Morty’s, the young raccoons must learn a lesson about bragging from Matthew 6:2–3 and learn to give quietly instead.
Disclaimer: I received this book from BH Bloggers / Lifeway for an honesty review
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Did your kids or children try to outdo the other? Well, this book might be a good one for you and children or grandchildren. It is good for your nieces and nephews to read too. They all can learn through this book.

This book is about boasting and learning about it. Morty and Maggie learn about this though the SOERS group they join. Maggie says something that makes Morty upset.

I love the fact that these main characters need to learn about different things. They do it by making mistakes but by helping those in need in their community. This is what SOERS do and still learn lessons. Your children can learn along with with Morty and Maggie though this book.

The author does a wonderful job of teaching a lesson but also making it fun. The book does rhyme while reading the story. It is good for first-time readers as well. Children can learn to rhyme and learn a moral lesson about boasting. Learn the best way to do that through the lord.

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