August 19, 2020

Book Review: The Lake and the Secret Sweetheart

Book Title: The Lake and the Secret Sweetheart
Author: Judith Grimme
Genre: Historical Fiction, Children, Middle Grade, Fiction
Series: The Front Porch Diaries #4
Publisher: Encouraging Publishing
Publisher Date: 12/12/2019 (156 Pages, Paperback)
The Miller children had grown so close to Simone and Philippe, but everyone knew the time was fast approaching when the Corbetts would return to their home in France. This last summer together was certain to be an adventure to remember, full of triumph, loss, and discovery.

It was 1968, a moment in time that would shape the future for each of the young friends, especially Lucy. Jon and Philippe would also need to summon the courage for a big leap of faith, and Eddie and Simone would soon learn the cost of keeping secrets, and promises. Even little Carly would surprise everyone!

Includes 4 bonus activities in the back of the book, with free printable downloads available for the entire series, great for classroom or home school.

The Front Porch Diaries is a light, charming 4-book series about friendship, siblings, growing up, and life in the 1960s. Readers will come to adore Lucy, Eddie, Simone, and all the children of East Howard. Parents will appreciate the series' emphasis on positive family relationships and friendships, problem-solving and personal growth. This series is written to encourage reading, new vocabulary, creative writing, science and outdoor activity, and French language learning. gives this series a reading level between 3rd and 7th grade on its multiple reading scales, with an overall rating of "A."

This series has the Christian Media Clearinghouse Seal of Approval, rated "K" for being Kid- and family-friendly and "PVOS-Free" - no profanity, violence, occult or suggestive references. Characters discuss prayer and general religious practices (French-Catholic, American Protestant, Amish) in a positive light and do not introduce specific beliefs or doctrines.

Discliamer: I received a free copy from Book Crash for an honest review
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The Millers children seem close to the Colbert. Their time would in the United States is coming to a close. It all starts with a mystery valentine that Lucy does not know who it from. Though that time seems like it takes a while for them to go back to school.

The adventures continue into the summer. The children seem to plan their time with friends though out the summer. There seems to be a family trip to the lake. Lucy seems quite scared. She seems to have family support and Simone as a friend. Could Lucy be scared of something else other than swimming and being alone?

Who has a secret sweetheart? Jon seems more grown-up. He will solve this problem or will he miss his chance? This book and about friendships, growing up, and family. I enjoy the way it was written. You do learn some French. Children will enjoy this book as well as learn a bit about what it was like in 1960.

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