August 30, 2020

Monthly Wrap up: August 2020


August is finishing up. Were did the month go. Where did this year go. We are marching ever closer to the end of the year. Holiday season is just about around the corner and so is fall. How are you dealing with schools this year?

I been watching tv a bit more. I been watching video games Let's Play on YouTube. I enjoy some of the games people are playing. I want to say Thank you them and those on the front lines of this pandemic.

I am been watching my TV shows on demand as well. I about read more books then I did before July. August was good for me. I am on a book I hope to finish soon and then yet an audiobook read. Then I will have all books that are due to be posted and read by end of  September and October finished. That really good. Two of the books below are due in September and the other in October.

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Books Read in August:
  1. The Black Midnight by Kathleen Y'Barbo 
  2. Boy From Berlin by Nancy McDonald (Book Tour / September 11, 2020) - w/ Giveaway
  3. The Lake and the Secret Sweetheart by Judith Grimme
  4. One Boy's War by Nancy McDonald (Book Tour / October 2, 2020) - w/ Giveaway
My books really fell in 1 different genres for this month. They are in 2 different media categories I believe as well. They will be shown below.

Books by Genre:
  1. Historical - 4 Book
Books by Media Categories:
  1. Paperback - 2 Books
  2. E-Book - 2 Books
I have read a total of 688 Pages, for the month of August. I am finally back to reading around what I think I can for a month.  The total for 2020 is 6,665 Pages and 00 Hours of Listening.

Books by Pages Total:
  1. The Black Midnight - 256 Pages
  2. Boy From Berlin - 142 Pages
  3. The Lake and the Secret Sweetheart - 156 Pages
  4. One Boy's War - 134 Pages
Total Pages by Month:
  1. January - 1,004 Pages
  2. February - 964 Pages
  3. March - 1,687 Pages
  4. April - 440 Pages
  5. May - 840 Pages
  6. June - 781 Pages
  7. July - 261 Pages
  8. August - 688 Pages

Total books by Month:

  1. January - 6 Books
  2. February - 5 Books
  3. March - 7 Books
  4. April - 4 Books
  5. May - 3 Books
  6. June - 5 Books
  7. July - 2 Books
  8. August - 4 Books
Favorite Book of the Month:
  My Review for Boy From Berlin
Berlin, April 1938. One night, eight-year-old Käfer Avigdor uses his specialty toilet-paper roll binoculars to spy on his Mama and Aunt Charlotte. The whispered conversation he overhears alerts him to a danger he didn’t know existed and starts him rethinking who he really is and where he belongs. Within hours, Käfer and his family flee their comfortable life. In a desperate race to stay one step ahead of the Nazis, Käfer is called on to be braver and more resourceful than he ever imagined possible. But will it be enough? Boy from Berlin is based on real people and actual events.
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Book Haul of the Month:
Book Challenges:
- Goodreads Reading Challenge 36/30 Books (Completed June 28, 2020)
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- Backlog of Reviews (0 Reviews) 2011 though 2018
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Upcoming Reads / Releases

 Here is everything that been posted for the year. Some things have been will be posted later then when I read the book or reviewed it. Most cases this is when a book is on tour with me. The Book review may be posted later or a month or so done the line. I will gladly mark these when I read the book so you know.

My Wrap Ups for the Year:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July 
What are your Reading this August? How is it that we are also near Holiday Season and the end of the year?

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  1. With all the time isolating at home you would think I would have read more. In August I read three books, which is much better than all the previous months. - Margy

  2. We Seem like we just do what we normally would not do when we have to work when we have all the time. To Powell River Books

  3. Looks like you had a good month. Check out my monthly wrap-up


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