December 9, 2020

Book Review: To Read or Not to Read

Book Title:
To Read or Not to Read
Author: Ink and Willow
Publisher: Ink and Willow
Publisher Date: November 3, 2020 (208 Pages, Paperback)
Genres: Book Lovers, Gifts, Journal
ISBN: 9780525654339 Paperback | 9781734478617 E-Book
Keep track of the books you read, record thoughts on your favorite books, get inspired for your next read, and reflect on your literary spiritual journey with this beautifully designed journal for readers.

The perfect addition to any personal library, To Read or Not to Read encourages readers of all genres to immerse themselves in a classically illustrated reading journal complete with DIY book review pages and inspirational reading lists. To Read or Not to Read allows readers to step into the book critic role and determine which books to recommend, and which ones to skip based on their reflections throughout the journal. It includes a “How Bookish Are You?” quiz and spotlights on authors such as Flannery O’Connor and Frederick Douglass, whose published works have greatly influenced the combined spheres of faith and literature.

With additional fun facts and helpful conversation starters for literary discussions, this journal will become the signature accessory at book clubs, on nightstands, and on every book lover’s shelf.
Discliamer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. My opinions and thoughts are my own.
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Are you looking for a book to track your every growing stack of books? Well, this book called To Read or Not to Read is a book for you. It sturdy bind and paper. It was made of really good quality. This book is more of a tracker or diary for book lovers.

You love writing down your thoughts or what inspired you this book has it. It also has a few different things for you. There are some surprises for you when you open it up. You can also Make your TBR List and check out many Lists that are in the book.

Do you like Trivia and or some fun quizzes to find out if you are Bookish or not? Well, that in here as well. It mostly a journal for you to keep track of the books you read. You will be able to take this book with you in your purse or backpack when you travel. There even quotes and facts about some unknown authors.

This book is good to give as a gift a well for yourself or someone else that loves books. You could gift it to someone in your family that enjoys books.

Here what the book looks like and some of the pages inside. Thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah though their new gift line Ink and Willow. I am showing you a bit of the book in reel and slide.

Reel video before I marked it up..

Photos below are mine and what I did so far. I wanted to keeps some surprises for you if you buy it.

Ink & Willow encompasses a line of interactive products that infuse contemplation and inspiration into the regular spiritual practice of creative-minded Christians, wherever they are in their faith journey. Each thoughtfully curated gift product is based in biblical truth and sparks a reminder of how God reveals beauty in the midst of our ordinary.

Throughout literary history, willow trees have been symbols of growth, balance, learning, healing, and harmony. Since willows often grow near streams or rivers, the name Ink and Willow was inspired by the verse in Psalm 1 about the person who delights in God and therefore is deeply planted and able to thrive, bearing fruit and prospering through every season. The word ink has a dual meaning, first as a nod to the act and art of printing words on paper, and then, in the sense that ink symbolizes life. In combination, Ink & Willow becomes the perfect metaphor for what this thoughtfully curated line of products is designed to do, which is to inspire, nurture, and engage creative-minded Christians.Follow us around social media: Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Website |

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