June 25, 2014

Interview the Globe Voting Period

Here is the rules for all voting periods for this Interaction.  Bloggers and Readers are allow to vote for any of of the authors listed. You may pass this voting to other friends and ask them to vote. Please be kind and talk to each other nicely. The authors volunteered to be interview and to interact with this kind of fun. I want to make it fun for all though involved. Authors are allow to promote their own interview their pages, Facebook and so on. They are allow to ask their friends to vote for them.  Voting period for the month of June is June 26, 2014 though July 1, 2014.

Bloggers and Readers Rules:
  1. You may vote for one author only.
  2. Vote in poll
  3. Leave comments
  4. You may ask friends to vote.
  5. Be kind
  6. Have fun
Authors Rules:
  1. Promote your Interview on your page, Goodreads, Facebook
  2. Be fair
  3. Ask friends to vote for you
  4. Be kind
Voting starts June 26, 2014 and Ends July 1, 2014


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