June 10, 2014

Jumping into The Universe of Books #1

Well, I been looking at creating a meme around books. I have been inspired to make this into a meme but to make sure it would be success. I want to try it out and see if I can get anyone to join in it though this comments. If I get a really good response I will make it into a meme the next week. I have a link up for this if you like to join in. I am giving it a try.

I have been in some book blog memes like Feature and Follow by Alison can Read and Book blog Hop by CrazyForBooks. I like some of these and will get back into them again soon. I would like to do one with where you can interact and answer questions about books or even  do a theme or make list. It would be different each week. I wanted to make it a little different and combine it together.

How it will Work:
- I will post this weekly on Tuesday unless otherwise notice.
- I will post a Question or some Activity you may need to do it has to do with books or Book Reviews or Authors or Something with Writing or even something your book blog.
- You need just to Answer the Question or Activity or Topic.

Want to Join in:
- Anyone can join and you can post any day you want once the post is up.
- Create a post about the topic or Question of the week.
- Take the image to put in your blog post.
- Answer it any way you want.
- Have a blog just then Link on up once done.
- Don't have a blog? Then just leave comment in the comment section and leave your link.
- At least follow a blog or two and let them know if you follow them.
- You can click on this get the InLinkz code to share on your blog post.

Question: Have you Fallen behind on your Book Reviews or Book Reading or Writing? Have you fallen behind with anything else this week that might be slacking in a book Related way?

Answer: I have and I am trying to catch up on all the book reviews I need to post. I have read more books then I had of lack them. Have been busy with a few things and still trying balance things out. I have read more books just did not have the time to write the reviews. It that i been traveling, spending time with my dad and his family, I read and I now been doing woodburning it something I want to keep doing in my spare time as well. I just need to post a few reviews. I also got a wedding coming up that going take some time away. Let me  make a list of books I plan to do this week about my book reviews. I have in way of not getting two of my books. One I know where it is and is the one I am looking for. The other is still has not arrived and I will need to contact where I won the book.

Reviews I will be posting:

  • Minding Molly
  • Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker
  • An Amish Miracle
  • Here and Now
  • Where The Courage Calls
  • The Choice
  • King
Books I am Waiting For:
  1. A Shining Light
  2. Too Hurt To Stay
  3. Bluebonnet Bride
  4. A Table by the Window
Things I need / hope to work on:
  • Updating Bio (About Me)
  • New Feature
  • A Meme (which would be this with Link up)
  • A-Z Authors
  • A-Z Series
  • Read By Year

As you can see I have a few things to do for the book blog. To be update to be caught up on all the books I have read. I have to post and still have thing I really need to do. If you would like to join you may by commenting if you do not have  blog. If you do have blog you may link it up after you create blog post with the question and your answer to the question. You want to show us your books you may.


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