October 25, 2014

Reading for Autism

Would any of you enter a book Challenge to help a cause? I am think of starting Challenge for the month that is for Autism. I would be glad to know if you would enter. Would help donate for cause and read at the same time or would you do it in a way to show awareness for the Cause? I would make different levels for you to choose from and that could be amount you donate to cause.

This is only to see if you my Readers would be interested in doing something like this. Then I would go with that.

Please vote in the poll and let me know how you would feel about it. I would be happy to talk to people and see if any would be willing team up with me and help out.


  1. Just the description drips with menace, doesn't it?

  2. yeah it does. Welcome Book Naround. would please check out my poll i posted on here.


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