June 18, 2015

If I Could Turn Back Time (#BehindTheBlogger) - Writing Prompt

Writting Prompt BehindTheBlogger If I Could Turn Back Time

I am new to this. This writing prompt is what I do with if could turn back time. Well, that a bit hard to but I have an idea if knew what I know now. Well, I will tell you about myself a bit and why this title caught my attention and why I decided to start with this new writing prompt at will let you get to know the writer behind the blog.

If I could turn back time is the title of a song that I really like. I am into soft rock and enjoy country music as well. If you ever heard of the song you would probably fall in love with it. I am reminded of this song by it the title. I do enjoy music. I got a few favorite songs. This one is just happen to be one of them.

This is one time I wish I could turn back time and have told him. I wanted him there. It would a few years ago about a year later after the accident. If I knew where my dad was I would have called him.  I am happy to be talking with him for the past 3 years now. I just last year, I was in my dad wedding and gained a stepmother and 3 stepbrothers. I only met two of them, one is Sean and the other is Montana. I do visit them when I can and will. That only my dad's side of the family. There a picture of my dad's side of the family with me in it on my blog. My stepbrother and stepmother living in Florida with my dad. This is the feeling I get each time I visit him and spend it with him. I just want him to understand me and try. I can not wait until I can down to see them all.

If you Could Turn Back Time what if be or choose to do? - Leave me some comments.

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