June 28, 2015

Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest - Product Review

Sleep Sublime Eye Mask By Smarter Rest Traveling
Do you enjoy traveling and you may want to rest and sleep a bit? Well, this product may just what you are looking for. Sleep Sublime Eye Mask may be your answer. You can use this for just being outdoors and to take a nap as well. There is an affiliate link at the bottom. #SmarterRest

Product Name: Sublime Eye Mask
Sold by: Smarter Rest
Category: Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Travel Accessories
Price: 13.99 - 19.99 (Varies) (Sale at the Moment 9.95)
Disclaimer: I received this from Smarter Rest and through Tomoson site at a discounted rate. I was reimbursed $1.05 for an honest review
Description: At home, travelling, taking a short nap at work, even outside in the sunlight, the Smarter Rest Sublime Eye Mask means all lights are off and all dreams are on.
You get no funny business: no light, no scratches, no noise.

Have trouble any of these Problems: Restful Sleep for Restless People, want to take naps in the sun.

Made with the Most comfortable materials, soft luxurious satin exterior and finest caressing cotton interior
Sleep Sublime Eye Mask allows you to always stay in the dark but never wake up with puffy eyes

Do you know those things that happen so fast you lose them if you blink? Well, you can blink all you want with the Smarter Rest Sleep Mask, you won't lose sleep. Yes, it's big enough, it doesn't touch your eyes 


  • Our Comfortable Lightweight But Sturdy Sleep Mask Made Of Luxurious Elegant Satin Means No Cute Puffy Eyes Or Funny Dark Circles On Your Face In The Morning
  • It's More Than Just A Happy Eye Mask, It's Jam Packed with Memory Foam Ear Plugs With Silk Carry Pouch And Smarter Rest Bonus Ebook. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Eye Mask Designed For The Modern Men, Women, Kids And Girls And Suitable For Travel, Meditation, Yoga, Nap, Sleeping In Cold, Hot, And Even Noisy Environments
  • It's Not Water Or Gel Sleep Mask. Only The Best Materials - Soft Luxurious Satin Exterior With Finest Caressing Cotton Interior That Suits All Shapes, Sizes and Sleep Positions
  • Premium Quality Strap Ensures The Sleep Mask Stays In Place On Your Head And Face And The Velcro Is Easily Adjustable. The Soft Edges Don't Let It Scratch Your Face, And The Nose Pad Blocks Bottom Light

Trying the Sleep Sublime Eye Mask

Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smater Rest

This works quite well. It easy to do. It simple. You get ear plugs with it. It keep the sunlight out and it works for naps in the sun. Great for traveling. They would work for you can take them with you or even use them on your vacation or in the car.

You can adjust the strap to fit. It good for anyone and any size. It very lightweight. It also comes with a traveling bag that you can up in it. If you have restless nights this will work for it comes with a nose lift that close out the light.

If quite comfortable and great for place that are cold or hot weather. The straps stays in place and on your face. No more puffy eyes or dark shadow under your eyes.
Want to Buy or More Infomation: Amazon / Smart Rest Website

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