December 10, 2015

USB 3.0 Type C to USB A Male Cable - Product Review

Are you looking for a new USB Cable? Here is a USB 3.0 Type C to USB A Male Cable. You buy one from Alice website or check out or though Amazon You may never know. You might be able to use it. ‪#‎USBTypeC‬ ‪#‎Product‬ ‪#‎Review‬ ‪#‎ProductReview‬ ‪#‎Tomoson‬

Disclaimer: I received this free from Tomoson for an honesty review.

USB Cable 3.0 Description

It is perfectly symmetrical top and bottom, meaning that unlike the old USB, the USB-C
is reversible and can be plugged in both ways. Plug and unplug easily without
checking for the connector orientation. That'll save time for sure.

High Speed Charge & Sync with 2A max

Support fast charge with max 2 amp charging capabilities from the 2A output USB port
on wall chargers or car chargers.

Compatible Devices:

New MacBook 12 inch, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 5X/6P, Oneplus 2, new Nokia
N1 tablet and any other devices with Type C connector

My Review:

I was not able to test it out. I did not have anything to plug it into. I would rate it as an 3.5 stars. It look sturdy and may work with power banks charging but I am not sure. For me, I have not have a device that fits it as of yet. If you have then it be for you.

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