August 31, 2018

In Memory Of - My Precious Loving Baby Boy Pumpkin

    My Precious Loving Baby Boy Pumpkin

Patches and Pumpkin
May 2006
Me holding Patches
and Pumpkin
Pumpkin was my baby boy. Though he was a cat. I loved him and his brother Patches. I got them both together from a friend. I thank that friend for allowing me to take them both. We could not let one stay and the other not. So we keep them both.

Oh how I am glad we did. This brother and Pumpkin were a team and fun to watch. As kittens one was independent and the other was gentle and loved to be cuddled. Can you guess which was which. We named them Patches and the other Pumpkin. There names came from one being Orange and white and the other black and white with Patches. So, That is how they become to named. They came to me in May of 2006.

To Pumpkin, who this is to be about. I have memories of him. He was so sweet and loving. He sleep with me at night and he did up until month before he passed away. He was still wanted me to pet him and we wanted more when I went and found and pet him.

Christmas 2014
One other thing about Pumpkin is that he meow at me when he was hungry or when he was ready to go up to bed. It was funny but loving. He come find me and want me to go to bed and meow until either I took him up to bed or told him head on up and I be up.

Another memory I have of him is wanting to be petted while I was reading a book. Even if I was in bed and reading he swat at me playfully to pet him. He did this to me every night at least except for when he was hurting and the last month of before he passed away.

Pumpkin playing with Icicle

I know my pumpkin also loved to play with birds. If a bird end up in the house or in the basement of the house, the bird was alive and he still be playing with it. He was really gentle but playful and funny to watch. He was even like this after losing a leg and before say a month before he passed.

Me Holding Pumpkin
December 2017
He was loving and so sweet and will be missed. Those are the memories I will hold and remember and still do. I miss my baby boy Pumpkin and will love him. I understand why he was to go and wanted him not to suffer so when he passed on August 5, 2018. It was relief for me. I will miss him and love and still and will always will.

He was 12 years and few months old. Rest in Peace my baby boy. He passed away around 3:30 am on August 5, 2018. His brother Patches is still around. Check out my In Memory of Pumpkin or This one
Pumpkin and Icicle
RIP Pumpkin
Born: May 2006
Died: August 5, 2018

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