November 10, 2019

Book Review: Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake

Book Title: Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake
Author: Scott McCall
Genres: Animals, Adventure, Children,
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing
Publisher Date: 2019-07-23 (34 Pages, Hardcover)
Series: Ted the Friendly Frog #2
Ted has a big race coming up--the race at Golden Lake! Last year, he only placed seventh, but this year he's hoping to win the whole thing. When Ted gets a little lost in the woods on the way to the race, he meets all sorts of new friends as they work together to help find his way back. Once the race begins, Ted finds himself in a tough spot, and he must decide between going for gold or learning from the lesson his new friends have taught him and helping someone in need. Join Ted in the second book of Scott McCall's fun froggy series, Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake, and learn how helping a friend can make you feel more like a winner than any trophy!
Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the publisher and for an honesty review
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Ted is getting ready for the big race at the Golden Lake. He seems hungry and follows a fly. As does he get lost in the woods. Though he meets new friends in the woods. They all help him get back in time for the race.

There a decision he got to make when he in second place. Should he help his friend that in trouble or should he win? This is where the important lesson comes in Helping a friend in need or winging the race?

The author does this with the book along with the rhyming of words. Children will learn to read with this book as well. Learn about friendship as well. Learning about helping a friend rather than wining.

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