November 9, 2019

Book Review: Ted the Friendly Frog and the Tale of the Diamond

Book Title: Ted the Friendly Frog and the Tale of the Diamond
Author: Scott McCall
Genres: Animals, Adventure, Children,
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing
Publisher Date: 2019-07-23 (34 Pages, Hardcover)
Series: Ted the Friendly Frog #1
Ted the Friendly Frog lives by a pond and spends his froggy days playing with his friends, hopping in the grass, and swimming very fast. One day, Ted's grandfather tells Ted something important - he's going away for a few days, and could Ted look after his special diamond? Ted must not play with the diamond with his friends or even show anyone, for it is an old tradition to pass the diamond down to the next frog in the family, and it's a very valuable stone. In this bouncing and rhyming tale, Ted learns the important lesson of listening to his family, even if it is more fun to play, and it is never too late to learn from a mistake.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the publisher and for an honesty review
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We get introduced to Ted. We find out how he spends his day. Though in the first adventure he has. It when his grandfather asks him to watch a diamond of his.

As you read. You find out that Ted as a mishap? Will he tell his grandfather. Will Ted learn his lesson. You can learn from your mistakes. I enjoy how the author does this. Children will learn about making mistakes. Will they learn to listen to their parents and friends?

The author does well with this. The pictures are done well. I love how the story is told with the pictures. There even rhyming going on throughout the book. Children can learn to read as well.

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