November 27, 2019

Book Tour / Review: Over the River and Though The Woods #bvbtours

Book Title: Over the River and Though The Woods
Authors: Jennifer Diamond, Lorraine Donohue, Abigail Drake, Phil Giunta, Kimberly Kurth Gray, N.J. Hammer, Hilary Hauck, Eileen Enwright Hodgetts, Lori M. Jones, Ramona DeFelice Long, Janet McClintock, MaryAlice Meli, Amy Morley, Cara Reinard, James Robinson, Jr., Larry Schardt, Kathleen Shoop, Demi Stevens, Denise Weaver, Michele Savaunah Zirkle
Series: Mindful Writers Retreat Series # 2
Genres: Holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Short Story, Poems, Anthology
Publisher: Year of the Book Press
Publisher Date: 2019-09-21 (217 Pages, Paperback)
A holiday pastiche from the authors of Mindful Writers Retreat, sure to light your festive candles!From a Thanksgiving snow storm that mends old feuds… to the family misunderstandings that fuel new ones… a quirky elf and some romantic stardust will get you ready to go Over the River and Through the Woods on a journey through time!
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book though Beck Valley Books and for an honest review
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Over the River and Through the Woods reminds me of the song or even poem that you sing on your way to Grandma's when you are going their to eat at Thanksgiving. If this Title did not remind you of that I do not know why.

The Title did this and I could not forget the song or poem that pops into my mind when it did. I would love to have download the one I found that sing the complete song of this title but it seem to be hard. There seem to be different versions of this song.

This book has different stories in it. They are all short and sweet. I loved each story. There seem to be poem and a recipe in the book. I really did enjoy each story that was written and chosen for this book. There was not one that I did not like. Each author show their talent and or story.

The way this is set up I enjoyed it. I was able to read multiple stories in one night. I really like that each story was short or told about their memories on Christmas memories. Each story was heartfelt and loving. The stories are made for just that the holidays.

These stories could bring you to feel their pain or their memories. The stories have meaning and feelings. Any one looking for holiday stories this book is worth it. Each story has is only meaning and I really could see that with each story that was put into this book.


Mindful Writers Retreat Authors 
Many of the writers who contributed to the anthology. 
The retreats happen at Ligonier camp and conference center in Ligonier, PA. 

Twenty-one Mindful Writers Retreat Authors contributed to OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS. The group consists of bestsellers, award-winners, first-time authors, seasoned veterans, poets, memoirists, essayists, musicians, journalists, novelists, and short story writers who are traditionally, self and hybrid published. At Mindful Writers Retreats the labels don’t create a hierarchy, but instead reveal the richness of those who attend. Every single writer contributes to the magic and the fun that results from meditation, walking in the woods, and hour upon hour of mindful writing.

“Thanksgiving Traveler” – Janet McClintock
“Solstice” – Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
“Magic Sleigh Bed” – Michele Savaunah Zirkle
“Tidings of Comfort and Joyce” – Kimberly Kurth Gray
“The Bridge on the River Obi-Wan” – Ramona DeFelice Long
“Reminiscing on the Nostalgia of Happier Times” – Amy Morley
“Christmas Pearl” – Demi Stevens
“Once Upon a Life Well Spent” – Hilary Hauck
“The Christmas Tree” – Kathleen Shoop
“Tink” – Abigail Drake
“Limited Time Offer” – Phil Giunta
“Cranberry River” – Lorraine Donohue Bonzelet
“The Christmas Angel” – MaryAlice Meli
“A Gift” – Lori M. Jones
“Stars of Peace” – N.J. Hammer
“Fathers and Daughters” – Jennifer Diamond
“The Day the Magic Died” – James Robinson, Jr.
“Shaping Christmas” – Denise Weaver
“Buon Natale” – Cara Reinard
“First Nativity” – Larry Schardt
“’Twas a Hard Day’s Night and Another Auld Lang Syne” – Sherren Elias Pensiero

Many of the writers who contributed to the anthology.  
The retreats happen at Ligonier camp and conference center in Ligonier, PA

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