June 9, 2012

Review: The Journal Of Biddy Owens, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948

Title of Book: The Journal Of Biddy Owens, The Negro Leagues, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948
Author: Walter Dean Myers
Genres: Historical Fiction, Sports, Baseball, Children, Young Adult
Series: My Name is America
Publisher:  Scholastic Inc.
Pub Date: April 1, 2001 (192 Pages, Hardcover)
Book Source: Hardcover
Author Contact: Goodread Profile

Biddy Owens is the batboy for the Birmingham Black Barons, one of the best teams in the Negro Leagues. With a supporting cast of characters that includes some of the greatest players ever, Biddy¹s story covers the games, the grueling road trips, racial segregation, and day-to-day life in Birmingham during this pivotal time in American history.

My Thoughts:
This book is written in the form of a diary. Though This book shows you thing though the eyes of any African American. This book is about the Negro Leagues. It tell about the times where Baseball was still considered  a White man's game.

Around this time in 1948, Baseball was starting to ingrates with African American. It was when Jackie Robinson was brought to place for the Major Leagues though though out the book. People were still think that there were still a few segregated seating in ballparks. They were still signs for blacks and White signs stating around.

Though this does change though you understand what it like at that time along with baseball changing and other things about american history. You do learn about the different thing though Ameican History and good for young children and adult to understand and learn about that time.

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