June 19, 2012

Review: Kaya and Lone Dog: A Friendship Story

Title of Book: Kaya and Lone Dog: A Friendship Story
Author: Janet Beeler Shaw
Genres: Historical Fiction, Children, Animals, Indians, 1764, Naive American
Series: American Girls: Kaya #4
Publisher: American Girl Publishing Inc
Pub Date: September 1st 2002 (81 Pages, Library Binding)
Book Source: Hardcover
Contact Author: Goodreads Profile

When Kaya befriends a lone dog that has wandered near her camp, others in the village warn her to be careful. Dogs don't usually live by themselves, and some people think the lone dog is not to be trusted. But Kaya brings the dog food and can feel her gratefulness. After Lone Dog gives birth to pups, she lets Kaya be a part of her new family. When Kaya looks into Lone Dog's eyes, it's as if the dog is speaking to her. Kaya's grandmother tells her that if an animal speaks to her, she needs to listen. But as the pups grow older, Lone Dog has something else to say -- something that Kaya doesn't want to hear.

My Thoughts:
This is lovely story about a little girl named Kaya. She finds a lone dog near her village. There are something that happen and tell you have they become friends.

It also tell you a little about Naive American back in 1764. It quite a quick read but there some historical history about that time. There unique friendship that bonds. Things Kaya need to learn along with Lone dog need to learn. There something Kaya learns while taking care of Lone Dog. To find out more about them pick up the book.

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