January 30, 2021

Book Haul #7: (January 2021)

January is a whole new month and start of a new year. It that time of year where we look to see if we will do better then that last year. Here are some amazing books that all arrived this month. I want to say Thank you to all of the authors and publishers and new one for all these lovely books that arrived this past month. They are on my TBR List to read. If they have not already been read and reviewed during this month.

Here are the books I received from several different publishers.Thank you to some authors as well. All are review books. I want to say Thank you all.
  • The Berernstain Bears and Learn about Heaven by Mike Berenstain (Review)
  • Dear Brave Friend by Leigh Ann Gerk (Review)
  • I Can Handle It! by Laurie Wright (On Tour February 3, 2021)
  • Mommy's Oven by Brandi Pearce  (On Tour February 12, 2021)
  • The Adventures of Forkman: What That Noise? by Tiffany Caldwell, W.R. MacKenzie (On Tour February 25, 2021)
  • Dragons Don't Dance Ballet by Jennifer Carson (Review)
  • Journey To A New Earth by Zeiny Sher (Review)
  • A Winter Walk in the City by Cathy Goldberg Fisherman (Review)
  • Great and Small Easter by BH Kids (Review)
  • The Cuddle Book by Mifflin Lowe
  • I Miss You Most by Cassie Hoyt (Review)
  • Searching for Gurney by Jack Estes
  • Of Lords and Commoners by Lynne Hill Clark
  • Of Princes and Dragons by Lynne Hill Clark
  • Of Gods and Godnesses by Lynne Hill Clark
  • The Hidden Triceratops by

  • Beneath The Crimson Willow
All are on my radar to read. I hope to read these books soon. This is my Book haul for this month.

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