January 28, 2021

Book Tour: Journey To A New Earth by Zeiny Sher + Giveaway

Book Title:
Journey To A New Earth
Author: Zeiny Sher
Genres: Children, Picture Books, Animals
Publisher: Zeiny Sher
Publisher Date: October 30, 2020 (30 Pages, Hardcover)
Age Group: 2-8 year olds
ISBN: 9789914703863
Penelope Panda and Kobi Koala Discover a New Earth is an exploration in preservation through connection. Penelope and Kobi are connected through life changing events, which helps them learn how to love and preserve the earth, and how to deeply connect with each other and others along the way.
Discliamer: I received a free copy of this book though IreadBookTours for an honest review and for the book tour. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Looking for a different kind of book that shows off kindness and friendship. I picked up a book called Journey to A New Earth that shows love and kindness through nature. It also shows it through the connection of each other.

This one is done beautifully and written well. They show that the light is shown through as all and we are all connected. Friendship and kindness are shown in this book. You can see what happens when something happens to another person or animal in this case.

What Penelope does to help Kobi is something we do not see often. But we should ask it something we all can do. We can listen to his story and maybe even help find his friends. We are from the same earth or place and we are all connected to the earth or and sky.

This book is also an exploration of what all new and what happens after a tragedy. We can all come together and work together. We can love and live together. Do you know that we connect through life-changing events and learn to find ways to persevere and save the earth through this? We are connected to each other along the way.

Zeiny Sher is a children’s book author whose journey began while writing a journal of life’s little love and connection experiences for her three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. With a very close-knit family, Sher has always been passionate about the universal connection we all have and teaching this to the younger generation. She has coached teenage girls on self-esteem and self-worth. Sher enjoys meditation in nature, CrossFit, Safari holidays and baking with her little ones.

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Prize: Autographed copy of JOURNEY TO THE NEW EARTH (USA only) (1 winner) (ends Feb 19)
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