January 6, 2021

Book Review: SnoozaPalooza

Book Title: Snoozapalooza
Author: Kimberlee Gard
Genres: Children, Picture Books, Counting, Winter, Seasonal, Educational
Publisher: Familius
Publisher Date: September 16, 2020 (32 Pages, Hardcover)
Age Group: 5-8 year olds
ISBN: 9781641702553

A cold wind blows, and snow starts to fall,
Mouse hides in a den that’s cozy and small.
Snuggling into a wee-sized heap,
ONE begins snoring and drifts off to sleep.

Count to ten with these cuddly forest creatures as they settle down and hibernate for the winter. Friends of all sizes, from bear to mouse, pile together in one furry heap to endure the snowy season. With adorable illustrations and rhyming verse, Snoozapalooza will warm even the deepest chill.

They doze and they dream, tucked out of sight,
A snoozapalooza all day and all night.
Discliamer: I received a copy though a request I made with the publisher and for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Looking for a book that will help your child or children to count. Snoozapalooza cutely does this. It will teach your children how to count in a fun and enjoyable way. Snoozapalooza is a wonderful book and it's another one to add to your bookshelves.

I enjoyed the way the animals are different which seems to come rolling in and falling asleep. It shows you the kind of animals that may hibernate during this season. The rhyming is cute. I enjoyed the way the rhyming went and how they all fast sleep.

The pictures are done well. They are colorful and enjoyable to look at. Your child will look at the picture and just like that. The counting or the number is big enough to read. The way the book adds another animal to the pile each time is wonderful. Your child or children will be delighted in trying to see where the animals are when a new one is added to the pile.

Children will want to reread this book more than once and will be delighted to learn at the same time. It is easy to read or at least. Parents can help their children read this book. Children could read the number that is being shown. Parents could make this fun game for your child or children to count the animals in the pile. What a fun way to spend your time with your child. This book is good for bedtime reading as well.

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