January 3, 2021

Book Review: I Miss You Most by Cassie Hoyt

Book Title:
I Miss You Most
Author: Cassie Hoyt
Genres: Children, Picture Books, Imagination, Social Distancing, Love
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publisher Date: October 14, 2020 (28 Pages, Hardcover)
Age Group: 3-12 year olds
ISBN: 9780228836070
Love knows no distance. I Miss You Most helps children through the heartache of distance by showing them how to hold their loved ones near. Whether exploring the seas as pirates or twirling like ballerinas, imagination can bridge even the greatest distance. Because time with those you love is the most magical thing of all!
Discliamer: I received a review request though the publisher and Smith Publicity for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Were you looking for a book for your child last year to explain the different way life is for some time and still going on a bit for now with Covid? Well “I Miss You Most” by Cassie Hoyt has come to mind. I would have read this one earlier in the year if I received it earlier. That's okay I read it now. This book reminds me of the Covid 19 lockdowns and might be able to help children with the stress of distancing.

This book deals with the emotion of missing your loved ones that are far away. It is a good one all around. It might help the social distancing we have to deal with. It works for distance in a general manner rather than just a specific time.

The illustrations are beautiful. This book also deals with child imagination. It also shows that distance is not a faraway thing. You can call your distant relative as well to stay in contact. The rhyming in this book is just good. I do not all rhyme though. Think of all the things you can do when you see that loved one next time.

I love the way this book is done and can be used at any time. The plot can be used for any type of distance like a friend that lives far away or down the block. Good for bedtime reading as well. Parents will want this on their child's or children's bookshelves.

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