January 4, 2021

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears Learn about Heaven

Book Title: The Berenstain Bears Learn about Heaven
Authors: Mike Berenstain
Genres: Children, Christian, Religious, Picture books, Faith
Series: The Berenstain Bears, Living Lights
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publisher Date: January 12, 2021 (24 Pages, Paperback)
Age Group: 4-8 Years Olds
ISBN: 9780310764472
Young children are encouraged to ask big questions about heaven in this inspiring addition to the Berenstain Bears Living Lights™ series. As they read about Sister Bear and her curiosity about what heaven is, readers have the perfect opportunity to ask their own questions and discuss what heaven is, where it is, how you get there, and more.
Discliamer: I received an ARC copy though Zonderkids by request and though harpercollins. My review is an honest review.
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Some children might start thinking about what it's like after someone passes away. The Berenstain Bears Learn about Heaven can help your child or children learn about what Heaven is? It does it in a way that children can learn without having to make it too complicated.

I know adults might have this same question and do not know all the answers to them. This book talks about them as well. This one has geared children but who says we can not read it and make more sense of it. This book is done well with its illustrations.

Heaven can be different for everyone so there are no right or wrong answers. This one all starts with a few phrases that Lizzy says that makes Sister Bear start thinking. The way this book is done can help with asking questions about a big topic.

The pictures are wonderfully done. I was looking at the picture a bit more to just look at. There seem to be different explanations for what heaven looks like for each person that Sister Bear asks. This book is good for Sunday school teachers or even churches. Parents can have this on their bookshelves for children to read or to be read to about. If you are a Berenstain Bears fan, you will want this book in your library or bookshelves.

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