July 25, 2020

Book Haul - #1 (July 2020)

July Book Haul
My very first book haul post. Though I been getting books for a while. I did not know how to create a post. I was not sure how to set up. Who say it has to be a certain way. So I am going to try. After reading and looking up book haul post, I seen you can make them anyway you like to. So I am giving it a shot. Here are are books I picked up in July. Sorry I did not do this before now. Better late then never I say.

Here are the books I received from several different publishers. I want to say Thank you to Barbor Publishing and Book Crash. All are review books.
  • The Black Midnight by Kathleen Y'Barbo
  • The Lake and the Secret Sweetheart by Judith Grimme
  • The MockingBird's Song by Wanda E. Brunstetter
All are on my radar to read. I hope to read these books soon. This is my Book haul for this month.

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