July 31, 2020

Book Review: Think Big

Book Title: Think Big
Author: Kat Kronenberg
Publisher: Greenleaf
Publisher Date: May 12, 2020 (48 Pages, Hardcover)
Genre: Children, Animals,
Series: The Lives Big Series #3
Set in the wilds of the African savanna, Think Big follows moody Baboon as he discovers another powerful secret.

In the third installment in her Live Big Series, best-selling, award-winning author Kat Kronenberg takes readers back to the wilds of the African savanna where the animals not only still struggle to find food, but now they face life-threatening situations. They must fight to survive and are terrified.

But when our beloved moody Baboon challenges Kudu on what to do, everything begins to change. One by one, Kudu, Giraffe, and Bee are faced with the dilemma of who they want to be. After watching Bee choose to do good, Baboon figures out a new secret: We can light the stars in our hearts, empowering our lives, once we smile big deep within, truly believing in who we are, our ideas, and the importance of caring for others.

The danger continues to mount and Baboon finally gets so scared that he cries out for help. Luckily, some fun animals and Baobab Tree come to the rescue! Will they try the new—SHHH—secret so their collective ideas not only help all the animals survive, but thrive together so that their dreams can come true?

Once again, Kronenberg creates a mythical evolution story of some of nature’s most fascinating characters to teach young readers foundational skills for life—in this case, helping them build a loving community that knows the joy of gratitude, giving, and going for the extraordinary. Through playful dialogue and beautiful illustrations, readers learn to take a deep breath, connect their heads to their hearts, and celebrate their best lives as they problem solve. As with Dream Big and Love Big, Kronenberg includes hands-on activities at the end of the book and on her website. Her dream is that the whole experience will inspire young readers everywhere to learn to think big together.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher for an honest review.
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I love the way the pictures can tell a story. Think Big is adorable. It tells a story of helping each other out and along with believing in yourself. The way this story is told is just unique to anything I have seen in a children's book.

Children will love it. The big words around the page will have little one say them. I loved that it a fun way for some children to repeat them. The animals are relatable. I enjoyed the story. Each animal and living thing has to find their way to see how are the best that they can be.

Kat Kronenberg can does this though the animals need to learn to work together and help to survive. Will they do it. Will their hearts and minds connect and they Think Big to get what they need to grow and be the best they can be?

Parents and Grandparents will love reading this to their children and grandchildren. It makes me want to read and reread the book myself if I had children. It is adorable and cute. I hope to pick up the first to books of this series.

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