July 8, 2020

Book Review: Lucy and la petite nouvelle (The Newcomer)

Book Title: Lucy and la petite nouvelle
Author: Judith Grimme
Genre: Fiction, Family, Historical, History, Siblings, Middle Grade, Children,
Series: The Front Porch Diaries #1
Publisher: Encourage Publishing
Publisher Date: October 11, 2017 (124 Pages, Paperback)
Nine-year-old Lucy Miller loved to dream about visiting other countries, but from her front porch view in the small Indiana town where she was growing up, flying off to exotic places around the world was just that-a dream.

That is, until a newcomer came to town who would open her eyes to possibilities-and problems-Lucy never knew existed. It was the fall of 1966. Was Lucy's peaceful world about to change forever?

The Front Porch Diaries is a light, charming series about friendship, siblings, growing up, and life in the 1960s. Readers will come to adore Lucy, Eddie, Simone, and all the children of East Howard.

Volume One of the series introduces the reader to the characters and takes you on an idyllic trip back in time, through some captivating adventures-and mis-adventures-of the sort not often experienced today. Volume Two follows the children into Christmas and winter of 1967 with fun, surprises, and one experience that leaves two children in serious trouble. Volume Three has some dangers of its own as Lucy and her friends and siblings explore their world, and Volume Four includes a heart-stopping journey that will leave the reader anxious to pick up the volumes that will follow.

The Front Porch Diaries are chapter books perfect for 4th grade through 8th grade, guaranteed to be clean, wholesome reading that will entertain young readers, build vocabulary, and perhaps open conversations about life in the 60s, people from other countries, sibling fun, and even a few life lessons.
Discliamer: I received a copy of this book from Bookcrush for an honest review
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Looking for a good book that teaches about history to your young child. Lucy and the la petite nouvelle (The Newcomer) is the first book that introduces a new friend. It also teaches your child or children about race or at least mentions it. Though it mostly about how friendships are formed, It show how a new person from a different culture feels when they move to a new country or area.

Like I said it does talk about race a bit. It set in the year 1960's so we are going to to see the reactions that will happen. What it mostly about seem to focus on friendships, growing up and slibing thoughout the book.

There are some good life lessons to learn though out the book as well. Lucy seem to try and make friends with Simone and show her new friend around. We see how Lucy deals with some problems. Eddie seem to be good part of it as well and showing Simone's brother around.

I enjoy the story and life lessons learned though the book and how it told. Good for children in middle grade. We learn a bit of french and a little bit of history as well. We do read the story though the viewpoint of Lucy.

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