April 11, 2021

Book Review: Let's Talk (A story of Autism and Friendship)

Book Title: Let's Talk (A story of Autism and Friendship)
Author: Lisa Jacovsky
Genres: Children, NonFiction, Autism, Special Needs, Friendship, Fiction
Series: Let's Talk #1
Publisher: Let's Talk
Publisher Date: July 2, 2020 (30 Pages, Hardcover)
ISBN: 9780578718194

Harper, a seven-year-old little girl that is typically developing, loves going to the pool. One day when she gets to the pool, she meets a new friend, a little girl who is also seven years old . She has no idea that this friend is any different than her. All Harper knows is she has a new friend that wants to play in her tube with her. They both love to swim at the pool and want to play together however, Emma has little communication skills. Emma can make sounds and not words and flaps her hands when she is excited. When Harper realizes she cannot communicate with her new friend she becomes determined to find a way to. In talking to her mom, Harper is told that Emma has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Determined to not let this stand in the way of her new friendship she becomes determined to learn how to communicate with Emma. She begins to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and asks Emma's mom to show her the different ways she can communicate with her new friend. Harper becomes excited to begin to use her new tools to communicate with Emma. The two become inseparable from that day on. Harper introduces Emma to all her friends and teaches them how to communicate with her. Harper and Emma become the center of their circle of friends and begin to have many more adventures together.
Discliamer: I received a free copy of this book though the author for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Let's Talk is about a story of a girl that meets a new girl that has Autism. So this book is about Autism and friendship. It is a sweet story; I enjoyed it. Though I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is a disability. Many people have it, and each person is on a different spectrum. Some are on the high end, some are somewhere in the middle, and some are on the lower side.

We may look standoffish or even act strangely or act differently than usual. I have Autism and am on the high end of the spectrum. Though I was different from my cousins when growing up and acted differently than them. I still do.

Autism is something we all need to learn and understand and accept, as it is still hard to see or understand. This book helps in a way or at least spotlights on the communication part of Autism. I can relate to this book, and I know quite a few people with Autism. We all act differently and our interests. I get along with them all.

This book hit Autism on one aspect but shows that we can enjoy some fun and form friendships even though we are different. Will they last well? That depends on the friends who want to understand and do not mind our quirks and the way we commute.

This book shows how a girl learns about Autism and understands and communicates with another little girl named Emma. The pictures are down well. It an excellent book to have on any child's bookshelf; It will teach parents and children or introduce them to Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The story is down well and sweet. I cannot wait to see what these girls do on their adventures.

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