April 28, 2021

Book Tour / Review: Love on the Edge

Book Title: Love on the Edge
Authors: Kathleen Shoop, Demi Stevens (Editor), Lorraine Donahue Bonzelet, Jennifer D. Diamond, Abigale Drake, Judy England-McCarthy, Phil Giunta, NJ Hammer, Kimberly Kurth Gray, Hilary Hauck, SM Kraftchak, MaryAlice Meli, Amy Morley, Gail Oare, Kim Pierson, James Robinson Jr., Lisa Valli, Deborah Vita, Madhu Bazaz Wangu, Denise Weaver, Michele Zirkle
Series: Mindful Writers Retreat Series # 3
Genres: Love, Romance, Short Story, Poems, Anthology
Publisher: Year of the Book Press
Publisher Date: 2021-01-12 (256 Pages, Paperback)

Experience love’s emotional gamut from the authors of Mindful Writers Retreat, sure to bring joy and bliss to your heart any time of year.
From love in the time of war… to love at first sight and long walks in the snow… to sparks flying because of nosy neighbors… Love on the Edge reveals the essence and evolution of the human need for relationship, written in a time when we’re all searching for deeper meaning and connection.
Featuring works by: Lorraine Donohue Bonzelet, Jennifer D. Diamond, Abigail Drake, Judy England-McCarthy, Phil Giunta, N. J. Hammer, Kimberly Kurth Gray, Hilary Hauck, S. M. Kraftchak, Ramona DeFelice Long, MaryAlice Meli, Amy Morley, Gail Oare, Kim Pierson, James Robinson, Jr., Kathleen Shoop, Demi Stevens, Lisa Valli, Deborah Vita, Madhu Bazaz Wangu, Denise Weaver, and Michele Zirkle.
Proceeds benefit Allegheny Children’s Initiative—Partners For Quality, Inc.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book though Beck Valley Books and for an honest review
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You may be looking for a book that has some stories of love. This book has a few different tiers of redemption of love. It got stories about the loss of love and a few others; there are even poems about love.

The stories are all sweet and enjoyable. Some occur set around the Pittsburgh area. I know the names of the rivers around my neighborhood, and they signify mentioned in this book. They are featured in some of the stories as well.

Here seems like an excellent book to have around for Valentine's day. You can read this book anytime; You can pick and choose a story here or there. There no reason to read the whole book at one time. They are all sweet.

There are various authors, and they all write differently. Primarily the stories are focused on love or a form of love. This one is not as a promise to me as the second book in the series. But it is decent and enjoyable to read.

The short stories focused on the writer's love stories or their meaning of love to them. I enjoyed each story, though. There was not one the stuck out from the rest. This book is rated four and a half stars (Moons) for me. This book can be for anyone who might have lost a loved one or loves to read some romance.


Mindful Writers Retreat Authors 
The Mindful Writers retreat together several times a year in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. While there, they write books and come up with some wonderful stories. They share these in their anthologies.

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