April 19, 2021

Book Review: The Sliver Shadow

Book Title:
The Sliver Shadow
Author: Liz Tolsma
Publisher: Barbour Books
Publish Date: 5/1/2021 (256 Pages, E-Book)
Genres: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, True Crime, History, Mystery, Thriller
Series: True Colors #11
ISBN: 9781643528342 | ASIN: B08NFSTVVG
Fiction Based on Strange, But True, History

A Shadowy Figure Is Intent on Harming Denver’s Women
Step into True Colors -- a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime

Denver of 1900 is still a dangerous place to be following the silver crash of 1893. And of out of the dark comes a shadow intent on harming women. Ambitious young Denver newspaper reporter Polly Blythe is searching for the big story that’s going to launch her career. On Friday evening, August 24, 1900, she gets her break when two women are cracked over the head within a two-minute walk of each other. But policeman Edwin Timmer thwarts Polly’s ideas of a serial criminal. . .until the shadowy figure strikes again. Will the reporter and the policeman team up to find the culprit before her strikes too close for comfort?
Declaimer: "I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review." All reviews written are my own and honest.
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Do you enjoy crime stories? Maybe a bit of true crime but with some fiction. This book "The Silver Shadow" is book eleven in the True Colors series. What a plot this is. There seems to be a mysterious person that keeps hitting women on the head.

We mean you introduced the main two characters—some of the crime that is going on. We meet a mysterious male that wants to teach women their place in the time of the 1900s. The woman is a reporter for the Denver Post. Edwin is the other main character; He works at the Denver Police department.

The more we get into the story or plot. It is more interesting. Polly gets another dressing down from her boss. She still wants this story and to solve these crimes. The detective has to get the runaround, and these bosses seem to think it nothing to be concerned about these crimes. The story is getting more twists and turns. The man shows up once more and remains described as the Silver shadow. Will he be caught?

This book has quite a few twists and turns. Who could be the mysterious Silver Shadow? When will they stop? It is a good book for adults if they want a little history and some crime and a mystery to go along with it. I hope to be able to read more of these True Color series books. I have read a few of them and enjoy them.

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