December 31, 2020

Yearly Wrap up: 2020 Year


We been all waiting for 2020 to be over. It will be over tomorrow. Covid will not be gone and or have left. I hear it could still be more dangerous. I hope and pray 2021 will be better and safer. So let's see what I did for the whole 2020 year. Did I do better with the gender gap with more female vs Male? Did I do more of my favorite or did Mix it up this year. You can take a look at my graphs for this year. Along with my monthly wrap-ups. I will be using those wrap up for some stats for some graphs.

I was able to completely read 54 books this year. My goal was 30 books. That is 24 books over my goal. The Total of Pages read for the year 9,256 Pages, 13 Hours and 02 Mins.

Book Title Read In Order
  1. The Missing Planets
  2. Inanna Phantom
  3. I Go with God
  4. The Nutcracker Conspiracy
  5. The Gingerbread Train: Santa's Secret Gift
  6. Do You Like Trains
  7. The Way of the Brave
  8. The Lady Ghost
  9. What's So Wonderful About Webster?
  10. The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue
  11. Two Steps Forward
  12. A Reason For Living
  13. The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day
  14. The Crow's Call
  15. Little Words Matter Jumbo Coloring Book
  16. The Sleepwalking Vampire
  17. The Mysterious Music Box
  18. The Miner's Gold
  19. The Frights of Fiji
  20. A Curse of Mayhem
  21. Big and Little Activity Devotional
  22. I Hate, Hate, Hate This Time of Day!: A Cute Bedtime Story
  23. North! or Be Eaten
  24. When I Meet You
  25. GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are
  26. The Green Dress
  27. Yoga at the Zoo
  28. Mindfulness at the Park
  29. Lucy and la Petite Nouvelle
  30. In the Cradle Lies
  31. Ghost Moon
  32. Think Big
  33. The Black Midnight
  34. Boy From Berlin
  35. The Lake and the Sweetheart
  36. One Boy's War
  37. The MockingBird's Song
  38. Candidate For Murder
  39. Beholden
  40. The Red Ribbon
  41. The Goose on the Roof
  42. Animals at the Office
  43. This is the Earth
  44. In the Nick of Time
  45. The Proctor Hall Horror
  46. What You Said To Me
  47. The Gold Digger
  48. What Bug Am I?
  49. The Naughty List
  50. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving
  51. The Berenstain Bears, The Very First Christmas
  52. To Read or Not To Read
  53. The Christmas Swap
  54. The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling

The Shortest book of the year is "Yoga at the Zoo" by Tressa Ann Powers. My Longest book of the year is "Cndidate for Murder" by Lauren Carr. One was an audiobook. My average book length by Goodreads is 154.

This year Popular and least popular are some what strange by goodreads. My Most popular book is "North! or be Eaten" by Andrew Peterson which is a middle grade book or Young Adult book depending on on how you categories your books genres. My Least Popular book was "The Gingerbread Train: Santa Secret Gift" by Ann Tarpley Francesco. It a children book. It can be found in the holiday / seasonal categories.

I have read a total of 54 books and some are to the same authors. Looks to be about 48 authors give or take for all 54 books. Here are some charts to show you how many for each author the total for each one.
There are some of the top authors I read this month by number of books read.

My Top 3 Books read by author.
  1. Alba Anrango - 4 Books
  2. Mike Berenstain - 4 Books (adding two that we co wrote with his mother Jan Berenstain)
  3. Olivia Newsport - 3 Books

For my Genre of book i enjoyed this year seem to be "Literary Fiction" 21 books (35.2%). The next one is "Historical Fiction" with 9 books (20.4%), and then "Mystery" with 6 (14.8%).
My genres as I categories them are listed below. This is across all of my books read this year. Children is my top genre with a total of 21 books read. If you look above chart that would be be Literary Fiction. The next one is Historical (Historical Fiction) with 9 books read. Mystery is next with 6 books read this year. Christian and Fantasy were read by with 5 books and 4 books read this year. You can see where the numbers are 2 books are lower.

Those are my favorite to read by the way of fiction. Not in that order per say. I enjoy Children which falls in the Literary Fiction section in the above chart. Historical is the next best for me.

The authors gender for me this year was clear. I read more female authors then male. Female authors read this year is a total of 40 (74.1%), Male authors read this year was 9 (16.7%), Both  came to 3 books (5.6%) and NA came in at 2 books (3.7%). I did do this year though a pie chart to see what my percentage is more Female or Male? My key to this is using Female (F), Male (M), Combined (Both), I did not know (NA).

Almost but not quite there is my Series vs Standalone? How many books do you think you can read 23 Books in series and 22 Books that are considered Standalone. Series out wins Standalone this year. Those this year it seem almost even. How I did that is beyond me.
But how many of each for this year? I have not clue. How many did i start and not finish or got a book that put me to starting a new series. Well lets find out, By looking at the pie chart. Well it looks like I have

I wondered how many of my books came in what format? Were they E-books or Paperback or audio-book or another format. Well thanks me keeping track and Google Sheets for helping figure out the numbers to correct my spreadsheet for making the right format for each of my books for this year in 2020.

For This year of 2020, I have seem to have read more Paperbacks. I had a total of 5 different formats this year. E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio-Book and Board Book. My E-books came next after Paperback. Which you can tell by the pie chart.

Do you want to see what my Age Range was this year. Well I finally was able to get that tracked and this year I was able to get graph for my Age range.

Looks like my Top age range for 2020 is Adult with 20 Books with Children coming next with maybe 18 books total. Though the number could be different as this chart is by category of audience.

Tell me how do you track age range?

Here is my favorite books for this year. Here a list of all 12 of them. I have will show you off my top list by showing you that. Some are new releases this year and some were new authors to me this year. I want to thank all the authors and publisher for these lovely top 12 Book that were my favorite for this year.

Now for my reviews for this year. I have read 54 books. Most of the reviews are up for this year. I will show you my first review for 2020 that got posted on Goodreads. That is "The Missing Planets" by Hank MacKinney. I got this book as an E-book and being on the book Tour. I enjoyed it.

My favorite book that really enjoyed reading and I just loved it was "The Proctor Hall of Horror". It was one of my better reads. Do not get me wrong when I say that this is one of my favorites reads. It was on one of my top reads for 2020. If would suggest you read my review of "The Proctor Hall of Horror". The Naughty List is second, Boy from Berlin come third to that.

My Top 5 Favorite Reviews: 2020 Year

  1. The Proctor Hall of Horror (Paranormal)
  2. The Naughty List (Christian Fiction)
  3. Boy From Berlin (Historical, Book Tour)
  4. The Nutcracker Conspiracy  ( Mystery, Audiobook Tour)
  5. What You Said To Me

That book was my last review posted on Goodreads for 2019 even though it not stating that in my year of books. If you want to see the full review or get a copy of it though my blog please wait for the blog post to go live here in 2020.  Here is the one they are saying is my last review of the year

Here is my full list of blog post for the year of 2020. I hope you enjoy. Let Bring in 2021 with a blast. Happy New Year all. I hope You get more Book to enjoy in 2021.

Monthly Wrap up: December 2019
Want to read my Monthly Wrap up for 2020? Well just look below.

Monthly Wrap up:



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